LISTEQ Cloud Desktop

  • Software to create a complete Virtual Desktop Service (DaaS, Desktops-as-a-Service).
  • Integrated, end-to-end solution (BoXedVDI).
  • BYOD. Accessible anywhere (remote and local), comes with BYOD-Clients for all platforms/devices (LISTEQ Clients).
  • Multi-Tenant and Multi-Tier.
  • Ease-of-Use. Simple Provisoning through various interfaces, e.g. Web-interface, full API, APS Package 1.2. (APS Package Specification).
  • For further insights on LISTEQ Cloud Desktop please see LISTEQ Cloud Desktop Technology Paper.
  • LISTEQ Cloud Desktop available as software only (Public or Private Cloud) or as a hosted service.



Customer Case:

HostedVirtualBox, the Cloud Desktop for VirtualBox users


Specifically for VirtualBox users HostedVirtualBox is available. Existing and new users of VirtualBox receive a hosted VirtualBox Virtual Machine in which they can directly work (Linux) or upload their already available Virtual Machine. HostedVirtualBox comes with BYOD-Clients for all possible devices, e.g. Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Ubuntu and HTML5, providing access anywhere, anytime.