LISTEQ Clients

LISTEQ delivers numerous means for users to securely access their Virtual Desktops through the device they choose, whether it is for LAN or WAN. Access is possible through Zero Clients, Thin/Thick Clients, Desktop Clients and Mobile Clients.



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LISTEQ provides direct access to the native protocol of “Graphics-over-USB” chipsets (DisplayLink or SMSC), through which low-cost Zero Clients and any other USB devices (e.g. monitors, adapters) can be used.



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LISTEQ provides direct support for a wide array of Thin/Thick Clients.


DESKTOP CLIENTS – Windows, OS X, Ubuntu Linux and HTML5

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LISTEQ has (software) Clients for PCs, Desktops and Laptops on Windows, OS X, Ubuntu and HTML5.


MOBILE CLIENTS – iOS and Android

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LISTEQ enables users to securely access their Virtual Desktops through various mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone and Android devices.