Digital Signage

Multiple displays through one computer

LISTEQ has developed an extensive software product for the Digital Signage market. It is developed for devices embedded with graphics over USB technology. Digital Signage Studio makes optimal use of the main functionality to connect multiple displays through USB or Ethernet to one computer. With this product the embedded devices can be controlled as native devices. For Digital Signage Studio there is no limit in the number of monitors connected and all communication is independent of Windows Display Driver Technology. The product is developed for Digital Signage and Narrow Casting solutions which can highly benefit from direct control and support for 64 and even more monitors controlled through one machine.


Various modules are available with this product:

  • Multi-Mirror. Connected devices show “mirror” of host desktop/display, when it’s required to show a single “working PC screen” on multiple attached screens. This can be boardrooms, educational classrooms or digital signage solutions for ticket-lines.
  • Image-Stream. With this module it is possible to stream a set of images to one or multiple connected screens. Easily a playlist with images can be made, combined with playtime.
  • Video-Stream. Multiple videos to various displays.
  • Display-Wall. Connected devices are placed in matrix and form one main display. It can also be used for Video Walls.