LISTEQ SecondPC   ExtraPC3

  • LISTEQ Cloud Desktop software specifically for small Private Clouds (on premises, LAN), e.g. SOHO.
  • Turn a USB monitor/Zero Client into a PC!
  • Create an extra PC on an existing PC, only an extra USB monitor/Zero Client is required.
  • Each PC has its own OS (BoXedVDI).
  • Usage of low-cost monitors/Zero Clients (DisplayLink or SMSC based).
  • Each PC comes additionally with ultimate BYOD, providing access from any platform/device (Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, HTML5).
  • Simple download, Plug & Play.


Customer Case:

ThinclientSpecialist delivers SecondPC bundle

logo thinclientspecialist

A SecondPC bundle (including SecondPC software, Zero Client and keyboard/mouse) is now available to end-users for € 99,- at ThinclientSpecialist.