Welcome to LISTEQ

LISTEQ is a Dutch based software company with a global presence. Our office locations in the USA and Europe service customers and partners around the globe.


Our Headquarters is located in The Netherlands

Prinses Julianalaan 63

Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam: 55706223

Phone: +1 415 523 8040


Technical Support you can rely on

LISTEQ takes great pride in the expertise and depth of support we provide our customers.

To stay updated with announcements, get answers from the community, and share your feature suggestions with us go to the support site listeq.zendesk.com.
To get information, you need to register first through listeq.zendesk.com/registration.

You can also submit a request or send an email to support@listeq.zendesk.com.

Looking for more information about our Technology and Products?

Please contact us directly by phone or e-mail.

Phone: +1 415 523 8040
E-mail: services@LISTEQ.com