LISTEQ launches SecondPC

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Simply turn a USB Monitor or Zero Client into an extra PC

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – October 17, 2013 – LISTEQ, the global leader in easy and affordable Cloud Desktop and BYOD products, announced the launch of their latest product: SecondPC. SecondPC easily turns a USB Monitor or Zero Client into an additional PC (

In cooperation with DisplayLink® and SMSC®, LISTEQ provides direct access to the native protocol of their USB Graphics Controllers. This way any USB Monitor (as well as Zero Client, Docking Station or Adapter) with a DisplayLink® or SMSC® Graphics Controller can be transformed into an additional stand-alone PC through a simple software download.

SecondPC is the ultimate solution for the Consumer and SOHO markets for a simple and affordable complete PC product. A SecondPC bundle (including SecondPC software, Zero Client and keyboard/mouse) is now available to end-users for € 149,- at ThinclientSpecialist (

“Our available technology combined with our cooperation with DisplayLink® and SMSC® provides the basis for SecondPC, an easy and affordable product, which can make a supplier of Monitors or Zero Clients also a supplier of personal computers.” said Simon Overgaag, CEO of LISTEQ.



LISTEQ delivers easy and affordable products built with LISTEQ’s unique Software Components:

– Cloud Desktop. Running Desktops in the Cloud (BoXedVDI).

– BYOD. Clients providing access to Desktops from any device and/or platform (Windows, Android, iOS, Ubuntu and HTML5), including all Zero/Thin Clients.

LISTEQ’s Products are available for all operating systems and hardware, are ultimate “Plug & Play”, are simple to deploy and manage and are very cost effective.

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Contact: Simon Overgaag, tel.: +31 6 10899740 or check