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LISTEQ has developed a complete .NET based Software Development Kit to directly control DisplayLink embedded devices.

APIs to control multiple USB devices

With this SDK DisplayLink-embedded devices can be controlled as native devices.

DisplayLink SDK publicly available

In partnership with DisplayLink LISTEQ has made its DisplayLink SDK publicly available. So every hardware or software supplier using DisplayLink embedded technology can use LISTEQ’s unique solution for controlling DisplayLink embedded devices. With this SDK there is no limit in the number of monitors connected and all communication is independent of Windows Display Driver Technology.

The SDK is developed for Digital Signage and Narrow Casting solutions which can highly benefit from direct control and support for 64 and even more monitors controlled through one machine.

The SDK can be used for:Listeq-DisplayLink-SDK

Basic Digital Signage systems based on simple USB infrastructure.

  • Basic Video Wall systems without a need for DVI matrix solutions.
  • Massive Screen mirroring in educational/training environments.
  • Massive meeting/war room setups with 64 screens or more.
  • Trading/control room environments with multiple screen outputs.
  • POS installations with power and signal over USB.
  • Unlimited number of displays controlled as native devices.

Automatic best compression

The SDK supports all compression algorithms which are embedded  in the DisplayLink devices. Also the SDK has an embedded intelligent compression sensor algorithm which chooses for best compression algorithm depending on data-stream (adaptive compression). Also does the SDK support multiple Frame-buffers for each DisplayLink device and has an asynchronous buffer mechanism which optimizes communication with DisplayLink devices.

Besides control of USB connected devices, the SDK can also support certain LAN enabled DisplayLink devices.


Customer Case:

Steiger Dynamics uses the DisplayLink SDK

logo Steiger

Steiger Dynamics builds exclusive, high-performance Home Theater PCs which incorporate media center, home server and high-end gaming device, all in one platform. They have incorporated the DisplayLink SDK to graphically optimize their living-room gaming experience.